Raven is a 24 page "graphic novel" version of Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem "The Raven" illustrated and re-imagined by artist and teacher Bill Fountain. It is designed for middle school and high school level students. The book features a flip side, upside down story called "The Sleeping Glass Heart" which features characters from Fountain's recent film "Lament." This is also a young adult appropriate story.

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Quoth the Raven: The Reviews for my upcoming book "RAVEN" are arriving. Check this one out:

"This is one of those rare books that eats into your psyche. Since I first flicked through it I must have picked it up again half a dozen times within a week. Instead of going into the comic boxes, it sits on the edge of my desk. Why? Every time I look through it I experience the mix of Poe’s words and Fountain’s art in a new way. Different emotional states trigger different responses. Poe’s classic poem is one of my all-time favorites and it’s great to see a graphical treatment that treats it with respect. It’s all here word for word, nothing changed or deleted. Fountain illustrates his reactions to those words with what I can only call a “dark innocence” that in many ways reminds me of Tim Burton’s cartoon sketches, yet is definitely Fountain’s own style. If you love Poe you will love this, and if you’ve never read “The Raven,” then I can’t think of a better introduction to it."
~Alan J. Porter, Revolution SF.

"Imagine Tim Burton as a cartoonist and you'll have some idea of the delight to be found in this illustrated take on Poe's famous poem. Bill Fountain brings a slightly twisted, but completely charming worldview to his drawings that's both droll and moving."

~Award Winning Fantasy Author Charles de Lint 

"Once upon a midnight dreary,

While I pondered weak and weary. . ."

Think you know the poem?

Think again.


a startling new interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem "The Raven" as you have never seen it before.

illustrated by Telltale Heart Artist Bill Fountain, published by Level Ground Press.

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Praise for Bill Fountain's The Tell-Tale Heart:

"...sure to be hailed as a pivotal masterpiece in the career of a major new artist.."

-- Advance

"The Tell Tale Heart is enjoyable and Fountain does a fine job of matching illustration to text."

-- Ellen Datlow, from The Years Best Fantasy & Horror 1996

"Bill Fountain's obsessive exploration of well trod turf is laudable and engaging."

-- Steve Bissette