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starring Lauren Wenzel, Brian Combs, Jennifer Obenney, Zac Ramsey, Stephanie Jackson and Daniel Jamieson

HECATE HILL is available for theatrical performance rights! Click here for more information!

Bill Fountain’s BIGFOOT play launches graphic novel and new production!

Bigfoot is taking over, starting with the stage, moving on to comic book and finally conquering the world! This new original play by Dallas playwright/director Bill Fountain is opening this October as a full production directed by the playwright in Plano, Texas.

 “Hecate Hill” is now also available for productions and licensing through Playscripts.com. There is also now a junior version of the Hecate Hill saga in the form of “Hecate Hill High School,” produced and performed by students, as well as a brand new graphic novel, written and illustrated by playwright Bill Fountain called “Hecate Hill: Dark Arrival.”

 What is “Hecate Hill” all about? A group of cycling friends meet up for a reunion in a remote cabin in Southern Oklahoma rumored to be Bigfoot territory. Just as they arrive, there are news reports of a nearby hunter killing a Bigfoot, and suddenly the friends find themselves completely isolated as an electromagnetic pulse shuts down power grids all over the world, and the shrieking creatures attack. Out in the dark woods, the six friends fight to survive the night. But is it really happening? Will anyone survive to find out the truth about Hecate Hill?

 The play has had several very successful incarnations over the last year (a radio drama, a late night theatrical production, and a public workshop) before being published by Playscripts. There are already productions being planned for the upcoming year! The play was featured in a great article in Fortean Times and has received media attention in the form of television interviews, radio broadcasts of the drama and the upcoming graphic novel.

Playscripts Publicationshas published and is currently marketing the worldwide theatrical licenses for my fun little BIGFOOT play "Hecate Hill." That means that professional and amateur theater groups all over the world can now perform my play! I am very excited and thrilled to be working with Playscripts! MORE INFORMATION ABOUT LICENSING HECATE HILL CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE!

There is an interview with me and also a review of my play HECATE HILL in the new issue of FORTEAN TIMES! Find out more by clicking HERE!

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A group of cycling friends meet up for a reunion (and Bigfoot hunt) in a remote cabin in Southern Oklahoma. At the same time, not too far away, a group of hunters do the impossible and kill one of the creatures. Suddenly, not only does the world find out that the creatures really do exist, but they don't take kindly to one of their own being killed. Meanwhile, out in the dark woods, a few friends fight to survive the night. Welcome back to the bottom of the food chain. But is any of it really happening? Will the friends survive to find out the truth about Hecate Hill?

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